Thursday, August 7, 2014

My job - Just Be Me!

Those who try to be everything to everybody... fail themselves first and then those people they are trying so hard to please.

Be true to WHO you are and enjoy BEING you.

Always work towards improving the very special 'you' that you are; make changes that are in line with 'who' you are and get rid of the bits the bring you down. You are uniquely and wonderfully made-

Don't make changes for the sake of pleasing other people- this is a lie and can only be maintained for a period of time before you start to crack under the pressure.

Life can be fun! Life can be EXCITING! Life is designed bring and give JOY with each day that passes- no matter the circumstance!

If you are creating a life that goes against your true self... life won't be fun, free and light hearted. It will be hard work. And it will show.

Get out and enjoy your life. Make the most of the person you are and the person you were designed to be.
 Its OK if not EVERYONE likes you or agrees with you!! We are ALL different, have have our own opinions!! And thank goodness for that!!!

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