Monday, January 16, 2012

Attitude Powertip - Turning Failures into Successes.wmv

Changing Can'ts into Can's.

Here's 6 phrases for turning around your thinking.
I can't relax TO I can relax and read for 1 hour a day.(I visit my local library weekly or watch
a good TV programme)
I can't lose weight TO I can lose 5 kg in 2012.(I attend the gym 3 times a week and monitor
my diet)
I can't improve my relationship TO I can make my relationship better. (I'm upskilling my thinking with the
Hoponpono method)
I can't create my dream business TO I can create my dream business. (After my died/revived in 2010, I've taken my products online)
I can't make more money TO I can make more money online (I am taking learning how to create a greater online global presence)
I can't expand the Selfday TO I am creating a new campaign for 27th June Selfday- International Self Esteem Day)