Monday, November 7, 2011

11 Business Marketing Tips By Andrew Nattan

AdWords Try AdWords - it provides excellent intelligence that can really help your search engine optimisation campaign. It opens a whole new set of rankings for you, in Google's sponsored listings column, helping you own that Google page. And if you don't try AdWords, you can bet that your competitors will.
Marketing Copy Open up your website, dust off your brochures and take some time to re-read your marketing copy. Is it clear to the uninformed reader what you do, or will they be scratching their heads in confusion? Make sure to avoid overly technical descriptions and industry jargon.
Customers Consider your customers. Are you still trying to attract the same people you were aiming for in 2010? Should you be? Think about who you're selling to, and how best to convince them to buy from you.
Social Media Social Media won't replace search engine optimisation in 2011, but it can supplement the work that FirstFound is doing for your business. If you're not already on Facebook, there's never been a better time to set up a business page.
Website Design Is your website design up to scratch? It could be displayed on anything from a huge high definition monitor to a mobile phone handset. If your website's HTML code isn't adaptable enough to work on different formats, you'll miss out on business.
Listening Stop for a moment and listen. What are your customers telling you? Are there ways you can improve your service? Send out customer surveys, or just call your clients for a chat about how things are going.
Return on Your InvestmentTake a look at the return on investment on all of your marketing campaigns. If print media isn't delivering business, you can use that money to instant effect on a Google AdWords campaign.
The Environment Environmental concerns are going to start creeping in over the next few years. Making your business carbon neutral could turn out to be the unique selling point that takes you to the next level.
AppsiPads, iPods and iPhones are the must have gadgets for 2011 - and that means your customers will be looking for the applications (Apps) that businesses have created for these platforms. Not every business needs an iPhone App, but it's something you should think about.
The Competition Check out your competition. When was the last time you compared your stock, prices and reputation with your competitors? Start the new year by making sure you're not falling behind the pack.
Mobile Search In 2011, people are going to be searching even more on their mobile phones. Take advantage of this by embracing local search terms - you never know who's searching from outside your front door.