Monday, August 22, 2011

Empowering Yourself to Achieve Your Dreams

BUT ....... No matter what your dream is you need to move out of your comfort zone every day.

When I died (and was revived) on 6th October last year....I was given a second
chance at life....and now I'm making EVEN more of a point to move out of my comfort zone and achieve my dream life....which I am also living right now, but still have my writing. teaching and movie making business goals.

Here's a few tips from Dr John Martinini from THE SECRET who I heard a few weeks ago. He was sharing about life obstacles to our successes.

1 Live to your higher values and you'll achieve more.

2 Fulfilment is filling your mind with what is void for you.

3 When you lose something what do you gain. (He shared a story about a man who had lost $100 million Plus....but now realised he has gained his love for his family, friends, reawakened to nature....and also spiritualiy.

4 Events in your life are not IN the way....but ON the way...(this is what I learnt from my event and really looking after my health more...and having more faith in myself)

5 No matter what happened to me helped my journey.

6 An obstacle is an uninspired action.

He was fabulous to hear and here's a few more ideas about creating your successes, money and dream life.

To be successful it becomes important for all of us to be personally responsible for creating what you want verus expecting someone else to look after you. No matter whether it's business or employment to be more successful, you need to be more confident.

Learning to be Confident - is a Knack!

Now, if you want to learn HOW to get on track, or back on track or refocus on earning the money SO you can CREATE your dream life..enjoy our free ebook.

Whether it's a pay increase, promotion, more sales, higher comssions, more clients or customers, you need to keeping trying new ideas to achieve the goal you have.

Every hiccup is a lesson to learn...lets face it...Adidas and Telecom have had a few to learn this week. Even big companies make don't get stuck in your challenges...get moving forward. It's only your thinking that's stopping you.

Best achieving your fabulously positive life.

Janice Davies

Attitude Specialist

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