Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dealing with Difficult People Action Plan



Stage One – Analysing


            Personality Styles (PS)

                          Understand your own PS                                                                  

                               Understand the other persons PS


            Relationship Scenarios


                      Which category:

                                    I’m not OK, You’re not OK;

                                    I’m not OK, You’re OK;

                                    I’m OK, You’re not OK;

                                    I’m OK, You’re OK;


Stage Two – Your Checklist for Strategising

                     Did you use effective communication?

                     Did you use words they understand (not technical or slang)

                     Have you made the message easily understood?

                     Have you checked the receiver understood you message?


            Which communication style is being used? Passive, Aggressive Assertive (circle)


                         Did you use “I” statements in your conversation?

                     Has good listening skills, empathy been used?

                     Did you use one of the ‘feedback’ tools?

                     Is your self-esteem in tact? Is the other person’s?

                     Did you ensure your ego is out of the way and not boosted?


            Does the person have a positive or negative attitude? (circle)


Stage Three – Action  

             Have you thought about how you are going to carry out this action plan

             Is it feasible and progressive?  

             Is there room for change over 1, 2, 3, 6 months, allowing time for learning?

                 Do you need to organise a meeting with the other person?

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